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external lists and spam protection

2007-10-01 15:23:22

In the draft-melnikov-sieve-external-lists-01 I would like very much to have two more tests:

   Usage:  envelope [COMPARATOR] [ADDRESS-PART] [MATCH-TYPE] [:list]
           <envelope-part: string-list>
           <key-list: string-list>

where ADDRESS-PART can be :hostname and :hostip, near the usual :from and :to. The :hostname and :hostip are substituted with the hostname of the last host that sent the mail, and hostip is the IP of that host. The idea is, that the script can check if the mail comes from an unwanted host and reject it. The real application is, that the script can check in an DNS blacklist, if the IP of the sending host is present there and refuse the mail in this case. I think it will be useful, once sieve scripts are executed during the smtp connection is not closed - then every user could specify which DNS blacklists does s/he want to make use of.

At the same time the :hostname and :hostip have no usage without the external lists, therefore I suggest they are included here.

Question: what to do if an implementation has no access to the information, or if a message is somehow not sent over smtp?

Question: Does somebody have an idea, if spammers use one and the same EHLO text to send mails, regardless of the sending host? In this way envelope :helo would be useful as well.

  By the way, where is the changelog of draft-ietf-sieve-notify-xmpp-05 ?

  Със здраве,

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