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2008-01-16 13:37:46
Is there any interest in doing this during the Philadelphia IETF in March this year? I know that we have many active participants in this WG from Europe, but maybe we can have some US and some remote participants in Philadelphia.

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At the Apps area open meeting in Vancouver, Chris & I mentioned the possibility of doing a day of interoperability events at the next IETF meeting. This would replace a day of Apps area meetings during the normal meeting hours and in the normal meeting location. Ideally it would allow people to come to the IETF for more than just "their" meeting (although we have always hoped they can attend other WG meetings as well) and participants may get more benefit and better justification for attending.

If we're going to do this, we need proposals: what topic ( IDs, RFCs, suites or functionality) will be tested. I don't think interops will need a lot of management but volunteer coordinators would be ideal. Proposals will need to be followed quickly by some indications of who will participate. WG scheduling is already open and we need to tell the Secretariat immediately if they need to reserve a day for interops.

Proposals should probably be posted on some relevant subject mailing list to quickly generate discussion among potential participants -- not everybody reads Apps Discuss.


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