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Recent changes to draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto

2008-03-25 03:47:55

Barry kindly summarized his changes in -07. I though that they should be mentioned on the mailing list.

Barry Leiba wrote:

I've just submitted an -07 draft, as agreed in Philadelphia, and that's the version that should be reviewed for Last Call. There are three main changes:

1. In section 2.7, I changed a number of instances of "is" to "MUST be" or "SHOULD be", as in 'The "From:" header field of the notification message is set to [...].'

2. In section 2.7, I qualified Auto-Submitted as a trace field, and specified that it MUST be placed above the Received fields that were copied from the triggering message. Now that Auto-Submitted is referred to in two places, I created a new section, 2.7.1, that specifies it.

3. I added two OPTIONAL parameters to auto-submitted (owner-email and owner-token), and I changed the registry definition and the example accordingly.

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