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Re: Standard to selectively disable rules in sieve script?

2008-04-01 04:53:28

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Ben Koetter wrote:

* Nigel Swinson <Nigel(_dot_)Swinson(_at_)mailsite(_dot_)com>:
for the case of temporarily disabling a rule,  I think the most obvious
method is a simple

  if false { }

around the block.  that construct can hardly be used for anything else.
using comments is bad, since comments should be truly freeform and
without meaning.
Agreed, and this is actually what I chose to do with our implementation.  It
has the added advantage of still doing compilation/syntax checking on the
disabled rule, whereas if it was just commented out it'll all be ignored...
It seems that there's an agreement on temporarily disabling a rule.
People should use:

       if false { }

I am fairly new to this list and not accustomed with its procedures. What
would I have to do to propose this agreement to become a standard?
You need to write a short IETF draft on this and then get it published as an RFC.
Contact me off-list if you need to know more details.

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