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Comments on draft-ietf-sieve-notify-mailto-07.txt

2008-04-03 04:55:08

Hi Barry,
Let me try to rephrase my personal objections regarding some specific cases of 
using SHOULD in the latest draft.

In section 2.7:

  o  The "To:" header field and the envelope recipient(s) of the
     notification message SHOULD be set to the address(es) specified in
     the URI (including any URI headers where the hname is "to").

I think there is a problem with this text. Surely the envelope recipient is specified in the mailto URI itself, not in the to URI header. (Your example in section 3 confirms that.) For example if mailto URI is "mailto:0123456789(_at_)sms(_dot_)example(_dot_)net?", then the envelope recipient is 0123456789(_at_)sms(_dot_)example(_dot_)net and not evil(_at_)master(_dot_)example(_dot_)com(_dot_)

I think the text is also trying to say that both To: header and envelope to should be set to the same value.

So, I suggest the paragraph is split into 2 paragraphs to separately specify requirements on To: and envelope recipient.

  o  The "Subject:" field of the notification message MUST contain the
     value defined by the :message notify tag, as described in
     [Notify].  If there is no :message tag and there is a "subject"
     header on the URI, then that value SHOULD be used.

I think this SHOULD should be upgraded to a MUST. Reason: I can see use cases when :message is never used and Subject is specified in the mailto URI itself. So I think

Also, Arnt has raised a good question about whether implementations are allowed to strip/alter garbage in :message or subject URI header. I think this should be addressed as well.

I also have a new question. It might be a stupid one, but I will ask it anyway ;-). How References should be handled? Is the new message allowed to reference the original message? Are References: allowed as mailto URI headers?