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Re: Treat as a WGLC: draft-martin-managesieve-10.txt

2008-07-11 03:34:27

Mark E. Mallett wrote:

I haven't done any managesieve work (other than read some earlier
documents) but gave this a quick once-over for anything that might jump
out anyway.  Nothing really did, other than some stuff calling for picky
comments, so I'll make some :)

Also, I'm a bit curious how there can be a last call (-like) when
there are editorial questions embedded (that is, the things in '[[...]]').
But this isn't a real last call, so I suppose that's the answer.
This was primarily to motivate reviewers to express their opinion :-).

I found some of the punctuation a little odd but I won't really go
into that (much).

With that..
All fixed, thanks!