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Re: Strong Opposition due to spam backscatter. Re: Last Call: draft-ietf-sieve-refuse-reject-07 and -08 (Sieve Email Filtering: Reject and Extended Reject Extensions) to Proposed Standard

2008-09-11 04:35:00

Matthew Elvey writes:
If a system implementing the specs we're working on works on a store-and-forward basis, then it MUST NOT MISLEAD, i.e. LIE TO ITS USERS by claiming to support the enhanced standard we are writing. -07 allows an implementation to mislead its users by claiming to support enhanced functionality when it does no such thing.

Why not? My code (I implemented -07 a few weeks ago) advertises support for the standard even if it may or may not provide enhanced functionality. I think that's fine. It does provide in-protocol rejection when possible, and the rules have very pleasant consequences. Most importantly, it's possible to make system configuration changes that affect system's ability to to in-protocol rejection without invalidating anyone's sieve script.

That would simply be dishonest.

It's just another RFC about best-effort something something. There are many others already, so most implementers are familiar with the concept. And AFAICT, implementers generally implement a best effort, not behave dishonestly.

(I read some more of this monster mail, but IMHO it degenerates into a pure rant around the point where Aaron Stone is first called «the author of -07». Not worth answering.)