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Re: thoughts about external lists

2008-10-28 20:52:55

Hello Ned,

Thanks for your feedback.  I agree with you that the lists in
address/envelope/header are not-necessary-expandable (could be very
large or only check for membership can be made).  However this thoughts
are not valid for "reject :list", where the parameter has to be a
necessary-expandable list.

Actually, that's not the case. One way to implement redirect :list is to look
up the list name and turn it into a list address, then send to that address and
have the expansion occur completely outside the Sieve context.

This approach probably doesn't make sense for a Sieve implementation operating
before final delivery, because in that case the implementation should not
have problems accesing mailing list content. But an MUA-based implemenation
accessing service-side lists might be required to operate in this fashion.
The content of mailing lists can be sensitive.


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