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Sieve WG is going to need a new co-chair

2009-02-27 19:14:41
Due to the pending upgrade to IESG status, I will be stepping down as a Sieve WG co-chair after the San Francisco IETF.

I've talked quickly to Cyrus about that and it looks like he will need a co-chair. If you know a good candidate, please let Cyrus Daboo <cyrus(_at_)daboo(_dot_)name>, Lisa Dusseault <lisa(_dot_)dusseault(_at_)messagingarchitects(_dot_)com> and myself know.
Volunteering for this is also encouraged.

Thank you,

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The 2008 / 2009 IETF Nominating committee is happy to announce the
selection of individuals to serve on the IESG.

First, our thanks and appreciation to those indivudals who have served
who will not be continuing on the IESG.  Your efforts are very much

The appointments, which have been approved by the confirming body are:
IETF Chair: Russ Housley
Applications AD: Alexey Melnikov
Internet AD: Ralph Droms
OAM AD: Ron Bonica
RAI AD: Robert Sparks
RTG AD: Adrian Farrel
Security AD: Tim Polk
Transport AD: Lars Eggert

Our thanks to the incumbents who are not returning for their outstanding
service, to the many qualified members of the community who offered to
serve, and to the named individuals above for agreeing to serve the
community on the IESG.

Joel M. Halpern
2008 / 2009 IETF Nominating Committee Chair
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