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Re: [draft-freed-sieve-in-xml-02] Nonimating Code Components

2009-03-09 12:11:51

(Apologies for the tardiness of this reply - too much other stuff to deal

It is not clear that sufficient rights are granted to create and
publish suitable
derivative works of the draft so that all of the useful source contained 
can be disseminated and used as widely as possible. Rights to use the useful
material more widely should be clarified.

The working group nominates these materials (in particular Appendix A
and Appendix D
which do not appear to be covered in the standard list) as "code components"
(as defined by [1]), and so enables them to be made widely available
under the permissive
open source license defined in [1].

I certainly have no objection to adding text to the document referring
to the sample code as "code components" and have done so for the next


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