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Re: [sieve] [draft-melnikov-sieve-external-lists] 2.2 Allow Extensions To Use List

2009-08-30 11:34:15
Ned Freed wrote:

This proposal seems OK to me.

Ok, I've included this into my working copy.
Should the "string" test be required as well?

[1] Proposal
2.2.  :list match type
     MATCH-TYPE  =/ ":list"
          ; only valid for supported tests
  The new ":list" match type changes the interpretation of the "key-
  list" parameter to supported tests.  When the match type is ":list",
  the key-list becomes a list of names of externally stored lists.
  The external lists are queried, perhaps through a list-specific
  mechanism, and the test evaluates to "true" if any of the specified
  values matches any member of one or more of the lists.
  Implementations MUST support "address", "envelope" and "header" tests.
  Implementations MAY support other tests but MUST raise a compile
  time error when a script contains any standard test where support has
  not been explicitly specified.

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