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[sieve] extlists draft

2009-10-01 07:35:28

I did my first pass across the drafts in months. Not much to say from my point of view, buy e-l warrants comment.

2.2: It ought to say clearly that both retrieval and matching are list-specific. That is, even if the Sieve engine retrieves the list, it has to use a maching method decided by the list.

2.3: I agree with Barry; one redirect :list option is enough, and it should be the sieve-like one.

2.4: A few examples of such URIs would be good.

There's a sort of conflict between 2.2 and 2.4. 2.2 says that the lists basically are what they are. The list retrieval is done in a list-specific way, matching is (or may be) done in a list-specific way. But then comes 2.4 and talks about LDAP and CardDAV. Should it then also say what matching means in case of LDAP and CardDAV, and how to retrieve?

2.5: The example is opaque to me. If the envelope _recipient_'s subaddress is on a list, and the header _sender_, then the message is forwarded to that list?

   rcpt to:<alexey+ietf(_at_)example(_dot_)com>
   From: joaquin(_at_)exemplo(_dot_)com(_dot_)br

If both "ietf" and "joaquin(_at_)exemplo(_dot_)com(_dot_)br" are on the list, then the message is forwarded both to local user "ietf" and "joaquin(_at_)exemplo(_dot_)com(_dot_)br". Right?

IMO, the example is either just wrong, it it does what its author meant but is so difficult to read and understand that it ought to be changed for that reason.

As a bonus, it uses "header" instead of "address" to test for addresses in the From field. Yuck.

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