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Re: [sieve] Notary last call

2010-03-23 17:01:56
Belated response here - -06 addresses all of these issues.

I'm responding, here to an ancient message, and the draft in question
expired without ever going to the IESG.  Let's revive it with this
super-late WGLC comment:

The document is technically solid and is ready to go to the IESG from
a technical standpoint.  It needs some editorial changes in an -06
version, which will un-expire it at the same time.  To wit...

Section 4:
1. I'd like to see a dash after each value name, to set it off:
"notify - Match the list...."


2. In the description of "orcpt", "Section 2.2" should be "Section 4.2".


3. The four descriptions are inconsistent in how they refer to
sections of RFC 3461.  It's a small thing, but I'd rather see them do
it consistently, probably as "Section X of RFC 3461 [RFC3461]".

Done, but keep in mind that the RFC Editor has their own ideas about how
these things are supposed to be done and it may end up getting changed.

Section 5:
1. Same comment as (1) for section 4.


2. "bymde", typo for "bymode" in the hang-indent list.


3. There should be a reference to section 5 of RFC 2852 for the
definitions of the items we're referring to here, just as there are
references to sections of RFC 3461 above.

I added a sentence about this to the introductory paragraph.

Section 9:
Change all references to the Sieve discussion list to the new address,

Done. (Wish we'd caught that on the XML spec.)

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