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Re: [sieve] Revised Sieve WG charter proposal

2010-03-26 13:22:38
On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 11:12 AM, Alexey Melnikov
<alexey(_dot_)melnikov(_at_)isode(_dot_)com> wrote:
Aaron Stone wrote:

 (2) Finalize and publish the following SIEVE extensions as proposed
     (a) External lists (draft-melnikov-sieve-external-lists)

This should point to draft-ietf-sieve-external-lists
<draft-ietf-sieve-external-lists/> instead.

Updated in my doc.

     (b) Sieve in IMAP (draft-ietf-sieve-imap-sieve)
     (c) General Auto-reply (draft-george-sieve-autoreply)
     (d) Notify presence (draft-george-sieve-notify-presence)
     (e) Vacation time (draft-george-sieve-vacation-time)

(As an individual): Do we want to talk about possible extensions to extract
data from iCalendar and/or vCards?

Oh yes, per the vcarddav recharter discussion. There appeared to be
consensus in that thread to take up such a document in the Sieve WG.
Unless anybody objects, I will add that to the list.

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