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Re: [sieve] Status of draft-freed-sieve-notary

2010-05-03 23:28:12
I just posted a revised version of this draft. There are three very important
changes I've made in response to various last call comments that the WG needs
to be aware of:

(1) The draft used to be silent on what happens to the envelope from address.
   An issue was raised as to the potential to generate backscatter; I believe
   this issue to be specious but it brought up another, more reasonable
   qeustion: What does it mean to specify the generation of DSNs when the
   destination of those DSNs is implementation dependent? The only sensible
   answer I could come up with was to add text saying that when either
   the redirect-dsn or redirect-deliverby extensions are used, any
   non-empty envelope from MUST be replaced by the address of the sieve owner.

(2) The envelope-deliverby extension only provided by-time information in
   relative form. Given the lack of arithemtic operations in Sieve, this
   form isn't terribly useful and there are cases where an absolute time
   string would be better. I have changed the draft to have both a
   bytimerelative and bytimeabsolute envelope-part and an optional :zone
   arugment. The absolute time is returned in restricted ISO 8601 format.

(3) The redirect-deliverby extension only allowed a relative by-time as well.
   This supports the obvious use-case of "deliver the message in this amount
   of time", but it fails to allow for "deliver before this time" usages.
   So I've changed this to have both :bytimeabsolute and :bytimerelative.

A number of clarifications to the text have also been made; these are noted
in the revision history.

Please review these changes; if the consensus is this goes to far I can always
back them out.

There's also the question of whether or not this warrants a new last call.
I'll leave that decision to those above my pay grade ;-)

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