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Re: [sieve] ABNF error in ManageSieve

2010-12-02 11:10:56
Barry Leiba wrote:

  quoted                = DQUOTE *1024QUOTED-CHAR DQUOTE
                          ;; limited to 1024 octets between the <">s

The comment for quoted is not what the syntax rule for quoted does.  The
syntax rule allows as many as 4096 octets, as QUOTED-CHAR is 1-4 octets.

I think that the intent is to limit the overall number of octets, and not
the number of characters.  Otherwise it doesn't make sense at all.
I think the report is correct. The restriction came from ACAP and RFC 2244
says that a quoted string is limited to 1024 octets.

That's correct.

The way we usually handle this sort of thing is not to put a
restriction in the formal grammar, but to list it in the comments
only.  Like this:

     quoted                = DQUOTE *QUOTED-CHAR DQUOTE
                             ;; limited to 1024 octets between the <">s

That's not ideal, but it's worked before.  Trying to enforce the limit
in the formal grammar will be icky.[1]

Ok, I've submitted an erratum for this with the proposed fix.

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