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Re: [sieve] WG status; include-06

2011-01-25 12:06:48
I'll post a new version with these corrections, thank you!

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 9:30 AM, Stephan Bosch 
<stephan(_at_)rename-it(_dot_)nl> wrote:
Op 14-1-2011 20:18, Barry Leiba schreef:

draft-ietf-sieve-include-06 - authors to do update based on comments from
last meeting and reviews. Once done, and the shepherd (Barry) is happy,
can probably go to the IESG or Barry may decide another WG last call is

I'm dredging this up.  It seems to me that the -06 version is ready.
The only comments I've seen are a suggestion from Dilyan that Jeff H
disagreed with.  Do the editors think this is ready to go to the IESG
and IETF last call?  Does the working group think so?  If I hear a few
"Let's go!" comments from the WG, and an OK from the editors, I'll do
the write-up and give it to Alexey.

Responses soon, please; I'd like to move on this now.

The example script bugs are still not fixed:

 * page 9: personal spam_tests (line 5 and 9) and global spam_tests (line
6): reject command has no string argument
 * page 11; active script (line 3): "test-mailbox" is not a valid variable
 * page 11; active script (line 14): missing require for relational
extension, since :count is used
 * page 11; active script (line 14): the :count match type needs a string
argument, e.g. "eq"
 * page 11; spam_filter_script (line 6): "spam-${test}; <- missing "

The script 'always_allow' on page 8 uses the `header' test for testing an
address header, which is not a very proper example. The `address' test
should be used, because as it is now this script will not always work quite
as expected, e.g. when From: header is ` "Mr. Boss" 
<boss(_at_)example(_dot_)com> ',
with possibly dire consequences ;).

The example on page 8 has the script names above the code, whereas page 11
has the script names (in a caption) under the code, which I think is
inconsistent and somewhat confusing.

I believe Alexey also had some comments a few months ago.

Other than that, there the issue with ManageSieve uploading (multiple)
included scripts, possibly causing temporary include incompatibilities and
unexpected behavior. However, I don't think this needs to be addressed in
this document per se.



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