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Re: [sieve] I-D Action: draft-ietf-sieve-convert-02.txt

2011-09-05 08:43:01
Ok given the replies on this I think it is ok for Barry to go ahead with the 
combined text/action approach.

Cyrus Daboo
(Tapped out on my iPad)

On Sep 5, 2011, at 5:05 AM, Stephan Bosch <stephan(_at_)rename-it(_dot_)nl> 

On 26-8-2011 17:48, Cyrus Daboo wrote:
I am somewhat nervous about the proposal to have a combined action/test 
command - I'd like to heard from other implementors as to whether this 
represents a significant problem for them or not.

No problem. My implementation's test suite (which is implemented as Sieve 
extension) actually does this for several commands.



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