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Re: [sieve] Clarifying "implementations MUST NOT allow variable expansion in the script name argument" [WAS Re: I-D Action: draft-ietf-sieve-include-12.txt]

2011-09-27 15:36:15
When an implementation (of this proposed standard) supporting RFC5229
encounters a non-constant string, what behaviour is expected?

RFC 5228 section 2.10.6 covers "Errors".
When we say that something MUST happen, and it doesn't, that's an error.
When we say that something MUST NOT happen, and it does, that's an error.
Violations of the base specification and all extensions to it are
already covered in RFC 5226 section 2.10.6.

I regret that we've generally made it a habit to say that violating
this or that or the other thing "MUST generate an error," because
saying that is superfluous... but because we've taken to saying it,
some people clearly expect it, and view the spec as vague when it's
not there.  Nevertheless, the specs are clear, and nothing explicit
needs to be there.  You violate syntax, it's an error.  See RFC 5228
section 2.10.6.

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