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[sieve] notify-sip-message and convert actions

2012-02-16 13:29:28
Hi folks,
Regarding the recent IETF last calls on the notify-sip-message and convert drafts in relation to the late IPR disclosures. The WG chairs have determined to proceed as follows based on feedback from the last call and discussions with the AD. This decision was reached on the basis of a process violation by one of the document editors of the documents, by failing to disclose IPR as required by BCP 79 (RFC 3979), and as per RFC 2418 Section 6.1, the WG Chairs have the authority to take appropriate action.

We will request the RFC Editor to move ahead with publication of these two drafts. However, we have decided that Qian Sun will no longer be a document editor for those two drafts and we will have the RFC Editor remove his name from the author/editor list at the top of the documents and the Authors' Addresses sections at the end. We will require them to add Qian Sun to the Acknowledgements section of both drafts to identify that he did contribute text to the drafts.

If anyone objects to this course of action please reply.

AD Pete Resnick will communicate this decision to the IETF as whole, and then we will proceed with the instructions to the RFC Editor.

Cyrus Daboo

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