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Re: [sieve] Fwd: New Version Notification for draft-bosch-sieve-duplicate-01.txt

2013-03-21 09:44:41
> And finally, a few nits:
> (1) The "MUST throw a compile time error if both :header and :value are
>    specified" is a bit strong. For one thing, such a check is
> inappropriate
>    if ihave is in effect. And for another, while I was able to implement
>    it, it may not be convenient for all implementations to perform this
>    check at compile time.

I'm not sure what you mean here. Do you want me to make the kind of
error more open, e.g. by adopting the wording used for the :zone and
:originalzone arguments for the date extension?

`It is an error to specify both :zone and :originalzone.'

Which basically leaves the kind of error up to the implementer. I have no 
problem with that.

I was unclear, sorry. I was talking about having to catch the error at compile
time. I think catching it at execution time should be allowed.

> (2) I'm wondering if it wouldn't be best to suggest a default timeout.
>    12 hours? A day?

It can be useful. Anyone else got suggestions or comments about this?

Yeah, this is one where additional comments would really be nice.

> (3) A MUST be case-sensitive is probably a good idea, perhaps with a note
>    as to how you can use the set action to muck around with case.

Yes, otherwise users could get surprised at some point.

> That's it! Thanks for producing such a good draft!

Thanks. I'll make a new version some time next week.


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