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[sieve] Managesieve: Authz ID for Global Scripts

2013-06-18 14:48:06

according to RFC5804 (ManageSieve), what authorization ID shall a user use, who is permitted to manage both her own scripts and the global scripts, in order to manage the global scripts?

(provided that authorization ID = authentication ID is supposed to be used for managing the own, private scripts)

Do the following paragraphs from Section "3 Sieve URL Schema":

         owner         = *ochar
                         ;; %-encoded version of [SASL] authorization
                         ;; identity (script owner) or "userid".
                         ;; Empty owner is used to reference
                         ;; global scripts.

      [... and ...]

      Note that the empty owner (e.g., sieve:// is
      different from the missing owner (e.g.,
      sieve:// and is reserved for referencing global

hint, that to access the global scripts an empty authorization ID shall be used? The word "global" is mentioned in the whole RFC only on these two places.

What does the constant "userid" mean in the above definition of "owner"?

Thanks for your feedback
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