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Re: [sieve] [apps-discuss] SPECIAL-USE (RFC 6154) in Sieve (RFC 5228): draft-bosch-sieve-special-use-00.txt

2016-05-24 15:35:44

Just a friendly reminder:

Op 4/4/2016 om 10:22 PM schreef Stephan Bosch:
Currently, the Sieve language (RFC 5228) lacks the means of freely accessing 
the IMAP special-use mailbox attributes (RFC 6154). For example, it would be 
nice to be able to determine what the Junk mailbox is during Sieve processing 
at delivery, based on which mailbox has the "\Junk" special-use attribute 

I created a draft specification that adds this functionality. I posted this 
before on the IETF Sieve mailing list (affiliation updated). A few people 
expressed their interest there already. I was told that the apps-discuss 
mailing list is still the best venue for putting this document forward. Now 
that the draft submission is reopened, I have submitted it. The announcement 
of the submission is attached. 

Please tell me what you think.

Document is here:

Any comments are appreciated!



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