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Re: [sieve] On "reject" and :fcc

2017-01-17 18:32:16
And such messages can and often do contain part or all of the original
message, creating exactly the issue I've been talking about.

So we're back to this then.

This has been the issue from the start.

Do you also object to websites saying "404 not found"
while still logging the fact that you tried to look at a resource?

Nope. But the situations are not remotely comparable. No users involved, just
for starters.

Sometimes you want to keep the junk that was sent to you while saying to the
sender that nobody got that message.  Making that hard within the standard 
just cause people to work around it by doing things like capturing all mail 
hits the MXes before sieve processes it.  Not providing a facility because it 
can be
used to lie doesn't change that.

As I said before, if you really think it's perfectly OK to provide a mechanism
to your users that allows them to instruct the system to lie in an offical
system message about them not having gotten the content of a mail message, then
we have nothing further to talk about.


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