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Re: Management by Committee ...

1997-11-07 12:26:54
Thank you for your effort, and the generous gift that PGP is to the world.

I know you get lots of heat here on this list, with some of it from me. :-)
We disagree over the issue of defining CMR in the standard. We'll probably
continue to disagree. But I don't want to let that get it the way of
expressing my gratitude for the large body of work you have contributed.

So, a time-out from the CMR debate, while I just say "thank you."

David Hayes                                       
Switch Systems Engineering                        voice: 972-918-7236
MCI Communications, Inc.                               VNET: 777-7236
--If these thoughts were MCI's official opinions, the line above would
--read "MCI - Law & Public Policy Department".

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