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Re: hand huffman encoding at PGP world HQ

1997-11-23 14:43:06
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At 8:08 AM -0800 11/23/97, Adam Back wrote:
I just read the draft.  Lots and lots of bit twiddling, 0 < x < 192 if
this bit is set, then 2 << x-192+y if this bit set, 8 bit proprietry
floating point format, the legacy length of length bit twiddling (0 in
two bit field masked out of CTB is 1 byte length field, 1 is 2 byte, 2
is 3 byte 3 is undefined).


All this bit twiddling and little hacks to scrimp on an extra bit here
and there is dangerous!  Which hacker is it at PGP Inc that thrives on
these bit twiddling hacks?  Come one 'fess up!

I couldn't agree more with you on this one issue.  I've been saying this
for years.  Unfortunately, I think the point is really moot.  These are
format issues.  The format is already there and you can't really change it
fundamentally without violating the WG charter.

The last time I vented about this issue (I think on this list) someone
relayed that at PGP they had gone stomping around the office singing
"every bit you save, we'll be watching you,..." to the tune of the
"every move you make, ..." melody.

A complete fabrication of course.  I've never heard of this nor the
perversion of it posted by Guttman.  The bit savers in the development
group were soundly criticized, but by that time it was too late.  Most of
this format stuff was done before the company was even formed.

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