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Sternlight Drivel

1997-11-24 19:12:10
In the past few days, an individual named David Sternlight has begun
posting abusive progaganda-style messages to this and other lists.  He
usually sticks to the newsgroups, but since he he has appeared here, I
think it is important for any who have not previously heard of him to know
just what kind of person this guy is with a multiyear history of posting
nonsensical drivel about PGP and many other products to suit his own
suspect motives.  Here are 2 whole websites dedicated to exposing this guy
for what he is:   (Click the "Sternlight" button)

I assume there is no procedure on an IETF list to ban a particular poster.
If there isn't, his presence will undoubtedly be a great hindrance to
intelligent and calm discussion.  My philosophy along with many others with
his posts has been to simply not reply especially on this list where his
posts are completely outside the realm of this list.


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