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RE: The Web of Trust Has No Clothes

1997-11-27 23:14:44

[annoyingly formatted message from D. Sternlight removed]

Notwithstanding David Sternlight's interest in scrutinizing the Web of Trust, 
perhaps we could terminate this thread.  Thankfully, most people are ignoring 
it.  If David Sternlight will acknowledge that this group functioned before his 
arrival, and will continue to do so after his departure, we'll have a standard 
that much quicker.

Discussing the features of 5.x with someone who (possibly sarcastically) 
expects signatures from one key to be magically moved over to a new key is not 
germane to the mandate of this group.  I believe Hal has clearly and correctly 
explained how this implementation works.

David, calling Hal non-responsive is inappropriate, as he is working hard on 
this standard.  I've observed your PGP-related contributions to usenet in the 
past, and IMHO, you are rarely trying to be constructive.  You are certainly 
not a PGP advocate, and this group consists of people who are 
interested/motivated/impassioned to take PGP to a new level.  This isn't 
censorship, it's a question of basic respect and manners.  Please respect our 
wish to work on this standard with people who are legitimately interested in 
evolving PGP.

I am hoping the others on this list will agree to focus on the many other 
issues we have before us.   I shudder to think about the collective amount of 
time spent reading and responding to these posts.  I know it's 15 minutes of my 
Thanksgiving I'll never get back ;)


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