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1997-11-30 07:37:39

Raviv Karnieli
Vanguard Security Technologies Ltd.

Tel. 972-4-855-1410       Fax 972-4-855-1411  raviv(_at_)vguard(_dot_)com

Blue Sky Airlines
Top Secret!
Use secure data pipelines only!
        Proposal and 
        Marketing Plan
Blue Sky's Best Opportunity
For East Region Expansion

Blue Sky Marketing Plan
Blue Sky's Best Opportunity For Expansion
Changing the airline industry forever   
New proprietary technology has opened new opportunities for Blue Sky.  Moving 
quickly to adopt and implement this technology will give Blue Sky a leading 
position in the industry after years of being in third place. Read the 
following carefully and ensure its confidentiality by using secure data 
pipelines only!.
1) Insert your company name and address in place of the text on the cover page 
by clicking once and typing.
2) Choose File Save As. At the bottom of the menu, choose Document Template in 
the Save File as Type: box. Save the file under a new name to protect the 
original version, or use the same template name to replace the existing version.
How To Create a Report
To create a report from your newly saved template, select File New to re-open 
your template as a document.  (Your company information should appear in 
place.) .  For the body of your report, use Styles such as Heading 1-5, Body 
Text, Block Quotation, List Bullet, and List Number from the Style control on 
the Formatting toolbar.
How To Create Bullets and Numbered Lists
* To create a bulleted list like this, select one or more paragraphs and choose 
the List Bullet style from the Style drop-down list on the formatting toolbar. 
To create a numbered list like the numbered paragraphs above, select one or 
more paragraphs and choose the List Number style from the Style drop-down list.
This Style-the Block Quotation-can be used for quotes, notes or paragraphs of 
special interest. To use the Block Quotation Style, highlight any paragraph and 
choose Block Quotation from the style drop-down list on the Formatting toolbar.
How To Create a Table of Contents
To create a Table of Contents for this report, position your cursor on the 
blank TOC page. From the Insert menu choose Index and Tables. Click on the 
Table of Contents tab. Be sure to user the Custom Style format.
More Template Tips
There are three ways to view the various style names of template text:
1) In Normal view, choose Tools Options. Click the View tab. In the Style Area 
Width box, dial up a number such as "1" and click OK. Observe the style name 
next to each paragraph; or
2) In Page Layout view, click on any paragraph. View the style name on the 
Formatting toolbar; or
3) From the Format menu choose Style Gallery. In the Preview section click on 
Example or Style Samples.
How To Create a Table
Choose Insert from the Table menu.  Be sure to choose the Professional 
AutoFormat if you are using a Professional style template.
To modify an existing table, such as the table below, position your cursor in 
any cell. To modify the table, access the Table menu to select the desired 
action and/or result.
Competitor Ranking
Current Share
Share in 3 Yrs.
Largest competitor
Second largest competitor
Third largest competitor
* Table. Projected growth of competitors over 3 years.
How to Edit Table Text
Table text can be edited and formatted like regular text. Simply select text 
and type to replace, and use the Format menu to change the font and/or 
paragraph attributes.
How To Change a Header or Footer
In Page Layout view, choose Header or Footer from the View menu. Once 
activated, you can change or delete the text just like regular text. When done, 
click Close to exit.
To delete a ruling line in the Header or Footer, from the Format menu choose 
Borders and Shading. Choose None from the Preset section, and click OK.

(footnote continued)





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