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Re: OpenPGP IETF meeting -- what happened? (Re: section 4.3)

1998-01-07 00:11:48
At 10:40 PM 12/31/1997 GMT, Adam Back wrote:
This is a good explanation.  Thanks for providing it.  There has been so
much attention paid to the additional recipient feature that few people have
had the energy to look at the other new features.

What happened to the ARR anyway?  Is it still there?  What happened at

I don't know about the IETF meeting discussion of it, but the ARR (etc.)
is Yet Another Subpacket Type, and therefore has a known size and 
can be skipped over if it's not implemented.  So if we don't document it
and don't talk about it, everything works, or if we document the
subpacket type number as "Reserved For Evil Eavesdroppers",
everything still works.

Bill Stewart, bill(_dot_)stewart(_at_)pobox(_dot_)com
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