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RE: Secure mailing list service using OpenPGP

1999-01-26 23:52:48
William H. Geiger III wrote:
Unfortunately few mailers/plugins are designed to use this approach when
singing & encrypting a message. Instead they use the sign & encrypt
approach (one step process) which signature retention is not possible
after decryption.

That's right.

I've read OpenPGP Message Format specification and I think that it is
logically possible to decrypt a signed&encrypted message and to extract the
message together with the signature. Is this correct?

If this is true, we can build a program to do this process and to re-encrypt
to recipients of a ML.

However, which approach should we take in? Geiger's two step approach with
prohibiting the usual one step sign&encrypt process, or my approach
described above? --hiro

--- Morita Masahiro, NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories.