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Re: typo?

1999-04-22 16:44:48
Noah - I think that is OK.  CRC24_POLY is used in the sample code as:

                   if (crc & 0x1000000)
                       crc ^= CRC24_POLY;

So the extra "1" in CRC24_POLY is actually there to clear the "1" in the
crc variable.  It might have been clearer to define CRC24_POLY without the
"1" and then to do

                   if (crc & 0x1000000)
                       crc ^= CRC24_POLY | 0x1000000;

or even

                   if (crc & 0x1000000) {
                       crc &= 0xffffff;
                       crc ^= CRC24_POLY;

but it works out the same.


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