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AW: AW: ECC (was: Re: WG: Your message was not sent...)

2001-05-25 06:15:24
I was about to delete them (in the text is mentioned NOT to use them
for key generation) - but they are defined in X9.63

where did you get X9.63 ?
I get x9-63-01-08-99.pdf

Oops. That's my mistake - it's in X9.62-1998 (the document looks very
similar in most parts, but it does not include the curves and their
ASN.1 notation...)

so maybe there are already keys which rely on these curves 
I don't believe there are...
Ok, I don't think so, too.

I may be good idea to use NIST curves from

I don't like this document for it's different naming conventions.
But that doesn't matter, because it's mostly the same stuff
as in SEC2, as you also mentioned below.

Unfortunately they don't include extension-field curves either.
But ok, it makes sense to include the same curves that are
recommeded for other standards too.

That will be enough curves to choose from, so I remove the
probably unsecure ones with even degree m.

Two curves have now got two different names (prime256v1 = secp256r1
and prime192v1 = secp192r1), both should be allowed.

Dominikus Scherkl
Biodata Application Security AG
mail: Dominikus(_dot_)Scherkl(_at_)Biodata(_dot_)com

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