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interop testing

2001-08-07 04:34:57

Rod Thayer, Ben Laurie, Ian Brown, Fearghas Mckay and I had the opportunity yesterday for a brief bar BOF at the IETF meeting this week in London to discuss interoperability testing.

We discussed what's necessary for testing to take place, and how to get ready for the tests. I still plan to host the testing at Qualcomm, however, it will certainly be a virtual meeting, as I don't expect everyone who wants to participate to be able to come to San Diego.

If you have particular thoughts about interop testing, please don't hesitate to post them to the list. If you are in London, and would like to discuss this in person, please let me know!

As a plan solidifies, I'll make sure the plan is published on the the list before we proceed.


john noerenberg
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