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Re: PGP versions 5 and later / ciphertext-format query...../ ON_BREAK / No_rush_to_answer..........

2001-08-22 13:41:58

Thank you for teaching me about the different versions of PGP, and about 
the Internet Draft process.  
As an adult student at Kean University, who has attended the 
U.S. National Colloquiem for Information Systems Security Education, as
well as
New York City-Information Systems Security Association meetings, I
the advice and tutoring this list offers. 

I am a "poor-man" ( LOL ), and I have a 386/25MHz machine, and a
486/33MHz computers
at home, with modems.  I only have 8MB RAM max, in each machine. 
At home, I have installed PGP5.0i for DOS.  I am aware I have to be
careful in the setup, and
the paths/subdirectories things are.  I have NO web/WWW access from home;
only dial-up to 

I can research (with some Computer Science professors tutelage) "internet
(i.e.: alt.pgp.**x lists), and I have no problems browsing the web;
accessing while
at the Kean University campus (see and ) . 

I look forward to the replacement of TripleDES with Rijndael. 

Best regards, and thanks again! 

     Joe Tag,Jr. 

--- end --- 

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 11:39:06 -0700 John  W Noerenberg II
<jwn2(_at_)qualcomm(_dot_)com> writes:

At 7:53 PM +0200 8/21/01, Werner Koch wrote:
 > BTW: Why was Radix-64 developed; and what are the problems of 
 output as a hexadecimal file?

Because it produces only an 33% overhead compared to the 100% 
of plain hexdigits.

We need to save some bandwidth so that we can use more funny mail
headers :-)

In addition to being more compact than hex digits, it uses a 
character symbol set that is considered "safe" across all systems. 
wouldn't do if the encoding method included characters that aren't 
representable or whose numeric equivalent is ambiguous.

Bandwidth does matter -- even when the email headers are longer than 

the message....which is goofy, I know...which is why a message 
only "ok" or "thanks" may be polite, but not necessarily the most 
efficient thing to do.


john noerenberg
   If you don't even own your own name, how can you have
   a sense of self-worth?
     -- Simson Garfinkel, "Database Nation", 2000

-----/signed/ Joe Tag,Jr.; Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA -----
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