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Re: Parser abilities, and MDCs (Re: pointers to openpgp-interopknowledge base?)

2001-11-08 11:30:36

pgut001(_at_)cs(_dot_)auckland(_dot_)ac(_dot_)nz (Peter Gutmann) writes:

Urgh, I hope no-one interprets it that way.  The partial-length encoding is
incredibly painful to use with its silly power-of-two restriction (you can't
just say "This is what I've got so far, the next lot starts here" but have to
chop it up into little power-of-two length pieces just to fit the *&#^$&#*
length-encoding mechanism).  GPG uses the definite-length format where it can
and 0xA3 where it can't (compressed data), something I agree with 

Come on, Peter...  If you have to buffer 4K-bytes, is that so horrible?
Besides, if you're doing a streaming application where you don't want
to buffer, you're better off packetizing anyways instead of making one
large stream.



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