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Re: interop/encryption to pgp2

2001-11-16 21:29:27

At 8:30 PM -0500 11/16/01, Derek Atkins wrote:

Basically, the only thing you can do is, if you're using -ANY-
non-RFC1991 packets, you should emit a leading "nonce" header that
declares the message to be a non-RFC1991 message.  IIRC, in PGP 5.0 we
did this via a two-byte leading sequence followed by the three ASCII
characters P, G, and P.  I'd have to go look at the code to figure out
what the leading bytes were.

Marker Packet -- Section 5.8 of 2440.

I'll note that while OpenPGP encourages interoperating with 2.6.2, it is
not required. It is not quite deprecated, but there are weasel words in
2440 that permit "breaking" 2440 in a few cases for 2.6.2 compatibility.

So 2.6.2 compatibility will get you a golf clap, but it shouldn't stand in
the way of getting us to Draft Standard.



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