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Re: Need some explanations about privarte key in OpenPGP format

2002-02-13 03:04:33

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002 11:01:43 +0200, Cornel GLIGAN said:

I have some questions about the last three paragraphs:
   - Is the Initial Vector encrypted with the algorithm-specific

The IV is a parameter to the CFB (Cipher Feed Back) encryption mode.

   - Let's assume that I encrypt the algorithm-specific portion with
IDEA. What it happens if the length of the algorithm-specific portion is
not multiple of 8 (64 bit)? How can I fill the last block of the
algorithm-specific portion to be an 8 byte (64 bit) block?

Padding is not required with CFB.  Don't hardwire the 64 bits; you
have to use the blocksize of the used cipher (e.g. 128 for AES).

You find more information about encryption modes in the standard

  author =      "Alfred J. Menezes and Paul van Oorschot and
                 Scott Vanstone",
  title =       "Handbook of Applied Cryptography",
  language =    "USenglish",
  publisher =   pub-CRC,
  address =     pub-CRC:adr,
  pages =       "xxvii + 780",
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There is an online resource for it, IIRC:  


  author =      "Bruce Schneier",
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