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Re: secure sign & encrypt

2002-05-30 13:07:16

On 5/30/2002 12:15 PM, "Brian M. Carlson" <karlsson(_at_)hal-pc(_dot_)org> 

You can have this. The standard declares that subpackets 100 to 110 are
"internal or user-defined". You can even set the critical bit on it if
you like. This should solve your problem. Your only other problem is to
convince an implementer to implement this subpacket, or you can
implement it yourself. Do know that gpg has used 101 in the past for
internal purposes; this might be a bad choice.

This subpacket is completely optional; in fact all but two subpackets
are: the creation time, and the issuer.

Therefore, this discussion can end, knowing everybody is happy.

The correct solution is to use a notation packet, not the 100-110 range.
That's why they're there.

But other than that, I agree completely. The discussion can end, because the
current protocol has features that support the desired implementation.


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