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Re: Primary subkey subpacket

2002-08-13 15:36:06

On Tue, Aug 13, 2002 at 11:58:44PM +0200, Timo Schulz wrote:

Recently I stumbled over a problems with multiple subkeys. I know
PGP doesn't let the user choose the key at all and GPG uses the
newest key by default. What about a "primary subkey" subpacket
which is placed on the self signature to force the implementation
to use a special subkey. The format should be similar to the 
"primary user id" packet.

This is interesting.  You'd have to tie it to the key flags subpacket
somehow, as the notion of "primary" is different for different key
types (primary signing subkey, primary encrypting subkey, etc.)

It could even be a bit set in the key flags subpacket itself.


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