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OpenPGP BOF at CRYPTO 2003

2003-08-10 21:05:07


OpenPGP BOF and PGP Keysigning will be hold at CRYPTO 2003 Tuesday
afternoon (14:00-15:30 Tuesday August 19, 2003).  I hope to see you

See more details:

  CRYPTO 2003
  OpenPGP BOF and PGP Keysigning


    *  Hironobu SUZUKI <hironobu(_at_)h2np(_dot_)net>, OpenPGP BOF           

    I'm an auther of OpenPGP public keyserver, a.k.a
    OpenPKSD. Sometime, I'd like to ask to PGP, GPG and other public
    keyserver developers about their activities because keyserver have
    to work with other keyserver implementations, PGP/GPG tools and
    etc.  Also I'd like to discuss ideas about OpenPGP and keyserver.
    Informal face-to-face meeting of OpenPGP in CRYPTO 2003 is a good
    change to know what is going on around OpenPGP.  If you have idea
    or/and proposal for OpenPGP BOF, feel free to contact to

    * PGP Keysigning
    After the OpenPGP BOF, in the same room, will be a PGP keysigning
    gathering, where PGP users can identify themselves and take away
    verified PGP key fingerprints for subsequent signing, enhancing
    the PGP Web of Trust.

Hironobu SUZUKI
E-Mail: hironobu(_at_)h2np(_dot_)net

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