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Re: IDEA in v3-v4 conflict (was Re: OpenPGP at IETF-59 Draft Minutes #1)

2004-03-09 07:34:51

On Tue, Mar 09, 2004 at 09:10:24AM -0500, David Shaw wrote:

Without going into all the messy details, a V3 program is going to
reject any message that doesn't use only RFC-1991 packets and packet
constructions, the IDEA cipher, a session key from a RSA key that is
less than 2112 bits, etc.

Proposed text to fix this is to add to the end of the paragraph:

  Note that when assembling a backwards compatible message, there may
  be other issues that be resolved in addition to using the IDEA

I'd also be fine with dropping the paragraph altogether if there is
not much interest in supporting PGP 2.

Or, it should be said - I'm also fine with doing nothing.  2440bis is
not a programming guide, and this is hardly a world-shatteringly
important issue.