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suggested text for Public Subkey Packet section

2004-03-18 09:54:56

in the just released draft,
the section about public subkeys reads as follows:

=================[ begin quote ]====================================== Public Subkey Packet (Tag 14)

    A Public Subkey packet (tag 14) has exactly the same format as a
    Public Key packet, but denotes a subkey. One or more subkeys may
    associated with a top-level key.  By convention, the top-level key
    provides signature services, and the subkeys provide encryption

==================[ end quote ]=======================================

suggested additional text:

"Implementations MAY generate subkeys that can sign only, can encrypt
only, or can both sign and encrypt. Implementations SHOULD recognize
signatures from a signing subkey."

is this a good place to include the issue of signatures linking the subkey
to the master key and master key to the subkey?

with Respect,


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