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Re: UTF-8 and literal packets

2004-03-24 12:10:36

On Wed, 24 Mar 2004 09:38:50 -0800, Hal Finney said:

't' and 'u' packets, on receipt and on creation?  Are we deprecating
't' on creation, and we SHOULD use a 'u' (and UTF-8 of course)?
And then on receipt, what should (or SHOULD) we do?

I'd say don't deprecate anything, the 'u' is merely a flag that the
message is for sure utf-8 encoded.  It's up to the MUA[1] to create
and display a message correctly, that flag might be helpful.  Maybe a
"If it is definitely known that the message is utf-8 encoded, the 'u'
flag SHOULD be used."


[1] or better up to the text editor or whatever OpenPGP aware
    application, as MUAs should use PGP/MIME

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