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Re: Policy URL -> Policy URI

2005-02-08 16:15:47

* Rick van Rein:


Back then, the URI *identified* a resource, but this doesn't make much
sense in the OpenPGP context (were fingerprints are used to identify
keys).  The keyserver location is just that, a location.

The URI terminology has changed since then.

If URI doesn't mean what it used to, does it then make sense to change
both the keyserver and policy URLs to URIs?

Yes, please specify.  We don't want this to end up in a sort of FUD against
URIs.  To the best of my knowledge, it's all really simple, as summarised

Ahem, STD 66 presents a slightly different view. 8-)

The problem is that it's impossible to distinguish identifiers and
locators at the syntax level.  It's not possible to uphold the URN/URL

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