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Multiple signatures over a document

2006-10-11 03:47:55


I cannot resolve, how to correctly calculate multiple signatures over
the document. I'm hashing entire document body + beginning of
signature (as described in 2440), and everything is ok.
But, when I'm producing two old-style signatures :
1) GnuPG checks only the first one, and says that it's ok
2) PGP 8.1 checks both, but says that first one is invalid, and the
second is ok

Producing two new-style signatures (with one-pass signature packets),
getting :
1) GnuPG checks both, and says that they're correct.
2) PGP 8.1 checks both, and says that first is invalid, and second one
is valid.

It seems, that PGP calculates the signature over the whole document +
bodies of other signatures.

But from 2440 it seems, that signed hash must not include other

Please, anybody can clearly describe, what behavior is correct?

And, maybe, such situation must be described in 2440?

  Best regards,Nickolay mailto:<ni4(_at_)ukr(_dot_)net>

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