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Re: ECC curve ID

2008-02-28 03:33:37

Andrey Jivsov <openpgp(_at_)brainhub(_dot_)org> writes:

OpenPGP application is not required to understand ASN.1 /

You don't need to support ASN.1 or DER to support OIDs as identities for
curves.  Just use memcpy or memcmp with a fixed string.

Besides, I thought that once the group agrees on an ID, the IETF
process shouldn't take longer than a quarter.

I think that is quite optimistic.  Further, the problem with the process
is that you don't get the actual ID number until after that process has
finished.  This seriously delay deployment and early testing.  If IANA
could reserve numbers early for experiments, this wouldn't have been
such a big problem.

Finally, I'd like to +1 Werner's suggestion to use OID's.


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