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Re: ECC in OpenPGP ready to be submitted to IETF

2008-04-11 10:27:19

 ... or so it seems.

I saw the subject and my initial thought was "whoa, seems
a bit hasty!"

Believe me, I'm all in favour of getting ECC into OpenPGP
ASAP, but the above was my initial reaction.

 I think there is rough consensus (or the lack of strong disagreement, if
you prefer) on the scope of the draft, how it fits into RFC 4880, and
expectations about interoperability arising from the use of ECC keys.

If you put it that way, then I suppose it could be "ready."

I do kind of feel discussions tailed off once we'd run out of
stream - or at least, once all the arguments (er, viewpoints ;))
had been voiced _ad nauseam_.

 I plan to summit the document in a few days as an OpenPGP WG item to IETF.

I take it there's still "scope" for revision/refinement after that?

(I seem to recall 2440bis took an awful long time to go round
this bit, if it's that stage you're referring to.)

 I updated , I hope I haven't overlooked
anything substantial.

I diff'ed ietf-00 with your pre-9 and didn't see anything major...

 Thank you.

...except this!:

|   The author would like to acknowledge the help of many individuals
|   who kindly voiced their opinions on IETF OpenPGP Working Group
|   mailing list and, in particular the help of David Crick. [to be
|   continued]

I hope this is merely an accolade for "loudest objector"!! and
I do hope that "[to be continued]" signifies the adding of other
people in due course.

I've still on my "to do" list the "clarity/brevity/structure" polishing
that I said I felt could still be achieved.  If I manage to get around
to having a stab at that, I think I'd feel more comfortable/justified
in having my name mentioned!  But thank you for the gesture.

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