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Re: [openpgp] Character encodings

2015-03-18 04:42:15
On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 9:15 AM, Werner Koch <wk(_at_)gnupg(_dot_)org> wrote:
On Wed, 18 Mar 2015 04:48, pgut001(_at_)cs(_dot_)auckland(_dot_)ac(_dot_)nz 

Just get rid of the notion of text. Make it be all binary. Push the
problem up a layer in the software stack -- they have to deal with it
anyway, and all OpenPGP can do is make it worse.


+2.  The rest of the world has made do with the existing infrastructure for

+3.  The text mode and the different interpretation on how to handle
line endings has likely been the most troublesome experience for any
implementation.  And it still does not work universally (the last LF

The drawback will be the loss of the easy to c+p clearsign method.  It
might be replaced by something MIMEish to still allow for c+p.

(If all else fails, make the contents of the PGP message a MIME body like
S/MIME does, so the processing-flow is "MIME message" (S/MIME data) -> filter
implementing the crypto (in decoded, binary form) -> "MIME message"

i.e. PGP/MIME without the requirement of using an armored message.
Should be easy to implement in any MUA.

Wouldn't anything that can be cut and pasted essentially run in to
this problem? I do think there is still utility in having something
that is a "clearsign" (that is, human-readable even without OpenPGP
software) that can be easily cut and pasted.

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