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[openpgp] Manifesto - who is the new OpenPGP for?

2015-03-24 19:17:14
On 24/03/2015 03:36 am, Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:

Long story short:
I don't think that OpenPGP was ever the system of the masses, and
perhaps it even shouldn't be.

OK! Now that's the beginnings of a manifesto. It's a position, plain and simple.

I think differently - I think a system that doesn't target the masses is doomed.

What do others think?

This is no light question, it could decide who participates, what the security model is, how 'hard' it is, where the compromises are found ... and decide its ultimate success.


ps; this was taken from the other thread, plenty of actual argumentation in that too, but I know most will not read for length.

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